Issue number 88

Articles in this issue:

Kiwi WWI soldier with Shetland parents. Written by Raewyn Handley (member no. 1661).

This first article tells the story of Jack Nicholson who’s parents emigrated from Noonsbrough, Aithsting to Southbridge, Canterbury.

(Jon Sandison, member no. 2099 also includes a testimony of Robert Bolt, the first Shetlander killed on the Western Front in this issue)

Three Seamen; Three Gideon Anderons. Written by Gideon Anderson (member no. 973) A remarkable of tale driven by a common name. The author leads us through the history of three Shetland seamen who shared little else but the same name. All this wonderful research followed on from a passion to discover his own Shetland roots.

John Murray Clark. Written by Johnnie Evans this very personal story is shared with us all. An account of a man born in Vadlure, Walls who was, almost, driven from Shetland following an altercation with a local teacher. He goes on to have a rich seafaring career before settling back in Shetland.

And much more...