Issue number 89

Articles in this issue:

WWI Soldiers written by Jon Sandison (member no. 2099).

Jon continues with his series of well researched articles on those Shetland men who served in the army during The Great War.

Two brothers from Lerwick’s Stove Buildings, James and Andrew Irvine and two men from the Westside, Arthur Arthur of West Burrafirth and Magnus Moncrieff from Unifirth, Aithsting all lost their lives.

The will of Ann Fraser of Scalloway written by Dr Alan M Beattie (member no. 2).

As Dr Beattie writes “The original will was written on 20th November 1817”, it relates to a very informative will in that it details four generations of her family from across Shetland.

Gifford Ratter Thomson and Harriet Matilda Inkster submitted by Brenda Thomson, wife of Gifford Thomson (1924 –2011), Gifford was the son of Wilberforce Magnus Thomson (1887 – 1934) who was the eldest son of Gifford Ratter Thomson and Harriet Matilda Inkster.

The tale of two Shetlanders who finally settled in Canada and whose lives were, despite being on the other side of the Atlantic, very much a seafaring, for Gifford, and self sufficiency lifestyle not unlike the one they presumably left behind in Shetland.

Canadian Vikings written by Brenda Thomson (member no. 1208)

Inspired by a visit to Shetland and the discovery of their Norse heritage, the Thomson family, the same descendants of Gifford and Harriet Thomson (see above), celebrate their own Up Helly Aa on the last weekend on January. These photos are from this event, more detail in the journal.

The Society says farewell to retiring founder members Andy and Dorothy Peterson after 22 years of continuous involvement ...