Issue number 92

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Issue no.92 has the usual range of contributed articles and includes:

WW1 Remembered by Andrew David Cogle [member no. 1151]

The 100th anniversary of the outbreak Great War has certainly raised interested in the real life family tales of those who served and in many cases visit memorials in France and Belgium to complete research and pay respects to those who fell. Andrew details his own pilgrimage in fine fashion.

A New South Wales Farmer in England. A facsimile report researched by Lewis James [member no. 2142]

A fascinating story from a local newspaper recounts the story of a Lerwick born man who returns to the “old country”, the United Kingdom to inspect dairy stock methods. From The Shoalhaven Telegraph, Saturday 11th March, 1899, the story tells how he also returned to Shetland and recounts great7 change in the town, the fishing and other aspects of life.

The Murder of Mitchell Moncrieff, September, 1825 by Neil Fraser [member no. 1058]

The first part of a superbly research tale of the murder of eight year old Mitchell Moncrieff of Breans, Garderhouse, Aithsiting by Laurence Fraser, aged 16, also of Breans. As the author says, “an unprecedented crime in Shetland at that time”.

Moeraki – a mini Shetland invasion by Brian Johnston [member no. 2095]

A small coastal fishing village on the east coast of the south island of New Zealand appeared to encounter a mini invasion of apparently unconnected Shetland immigrants. Perhaps they heard of potential there, a place where their own skills could help a Shetlander prosper?

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