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Latest issue of Coontin Kin now available

October 1st, 2019

The Hairst issue of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available, it’s now full colour throughout as we continue to develop and improve the publication. Issue no.112 has a wide range of interesting new material.

Society balance sheet 2018

June 2nd, 2019

Annual balance sheet published

Issue number 95

Issue no.95 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

The Log Boks of John Williamson, RNR 1915-1919 from a talk given by George W. G. Burgess [member no. 1611]

John Williamson, originally from Troswickness, Dunrossness he moved to Lerwick with his family in the early 1900’s.

During WW1 he served as a member of the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), firstly in Lerwick, the Cunningsburgh then his home district of Troswickness.

This is a very detailed and interesting account of a member of the RNR during The Great War. Movements of torpedo boats, a Zeppelin, German cruisers and much more are detailed with vivid description.

The Old Parochial Schoolhouse of East Yell by Angela Kiossoglou-Adams [member no. 1264]

The fascinating story behind what for Shetland is one of many derelict Schoolhouses, the only twist in this tale is that the crumbling run was laid flat as the found for a new build in 2014.

The tale details much of the 190 year existence of the schoolhose and the early schoolmaster, Andrew Dishington Mathewson (1799-1887).

Merchant Navy Books – update

A plea in Coontin Kin number 35, Simmer 2005, resulted in what is now a 1000+ response data collection of Discharge Books. They have been submitted from all parts of the UK as well as from New Zealand, Australia and Canada, in fact wherever you might expect Shetland Seafarers to have ebbed up.

If you would like to contribute, more details can be found here.

The Annual Report

The annual update on all the society’s business is included in this issue, well worth a read to see what we do and how we do it.

My Waterloo Ancestor by Elspeth )’Dell [member no. 888]

There may have been many Shetlanders who served, this account of Henry Anderson, born in Tingwall in 1770 is backed by several documents and the detail of the auction by his son of his Waterloo Medal.  Here below are images of one payment attaining to debt owed by Henry, apparently never banked. These are held in the Shetland Archive.

 ... all this and much more.