Issue number 107

Issue no.107 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

The Career of Charles Spence, a Shetland photographer by Jean Williamson-Hendry [member no.1945]

Unst born, Charles Spence was the son of Thomas Spence, lost at sea from a sixareen in 1851. The detail is all in the article but suffice to say that Charles, upon the death of his father, was sent to Edinburgh to earn their own living. Charles was to become an accomplished and sought after portrait photographer setting up businesses initially in Lerwick before moving south to Bournemouth and Dunbar.

Clive Bennett, an obituary

The very sudden passing of one of the founding members’ of the Society was a shock to all. A short piece in respect of a much missed member and extremely dependable and energetic volunteer.

Quendale Watermill Heritage Centre

The fully restored, to working order, water mill and visitor attraction is entirely run my a small group of enthusiastic local people. The detailed peerie article highlights the major events of the mill through its life. This year, they are celebrating 150 years since it became operational.

The Medieval origins of one Scottish family with six names by John and Ann Hercus

A recently published book is a thorough and extensive piece of research and writing on six names. A couple of these, although not that common in Shetland for many years. You wouldn’t have to have either Arcus and Harcus connections to find this article, and the book, an interesting read.

Croft houses, locations and inhabitants

The first in an occasional brief column focusing on a single house or cluster of houses. First in focus is Burraland, Sandwick.

... all this, the Trustees annual reports and much more.