Issue number 112

Issue no.112 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

The Harrison Brothers by Ian Elliot [member 2699]

A heart-breaking tale of a family whose roots were very much Shetland and later generations who discovered living cousins they didn’t know existed. Later research uncovered tales of seafarers lost during The Great War. Worth getting your hands on a copy of this edition for this story alone.

Sharing Shetland surnames – Arthur and Arthurson by Elinor Nicolson [member no. 2615]

A great peerie review of the very popular series of research projects run by the society, often in conjunction with other local organisations, as they continue in great style with the exhibition, lectures, display and teas over two days at Whiteness and Weisdale hall.

“Our” Stouts from Quendale, part 1 by Margaret Evans [member 963]

Quendale and the surrounding area is a fertile and fruitful farming region on the southern tip of mainland Shetland. The author’s ancestors lived in the shadow of Quendale House House for generations. This is a very well researched and detailed account of the Stouts family and local history of the area.

Mowat – what’s in a name by Dr Phil Mowat [member 1761]

An in-depth research into the origins of a pretty common name in Shetland. Interesting reading with many options to review for the names origin. We guess you can take your pick from this superbly researched work.

... all this and much more.