Issue number 114

Issue no.114, Voar 2020, contains the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Memories of 6 Hillhead by Alan Beattie [member 2] and Elizabeth Angus [member 3]

The Society was located at 6 Hillhead, Lerwick for almost 27 years. This piece not only gives a little detail on previous uses for the building but a deal of reminiscences about the Society’s time there.

Lerwick: the missing link by Steve Foley

The author, a journalist to trade, writes passionately about his coming “home”, a feeling many Shetland descendants feel upon sailing into Lerwick harbour. A poigniant, well written and oft emotional tale of Lerwick Williamsons, Shetlanders who landed in Australia and whose descendant traced them home.

Searching for George Scott, Schoolmaster, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather. February 2019. Part 1. by Lesley Ormond [member 2731]

As is often the case, a relative, however distant they may be, sparks a new hunt, previously unknown. This is a remarkable journey, back to Shetland, for the author to dig deeper into Shetland roots.

Shetland Exploration Syndicate Venture by Rick James

A fascinating and detailed account of the founding, creation and operation of the Sandlodge mines and a Shetland family who grew from the roots of the mine and migrated from Hoswick to Canada and beyond. Tales of smuggling, diamond mining, war and childhood Shetland.

My Shetland Story by Gavin Goudie [member 2533]

Driven by the gift of a silver tea set, of all things, a lovely story of an Australian Goudie returning, discovering and, rightly, finding out why he now considers himself “a Shetlander”.

... all this and much more.