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November 17th, 2020

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Latest issue of Coontin Kin now available

September 7th, 2020

The Hairst issue of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available, it’s now full colour throughout as we continue to develop and improve the publication. Issue no.112 has a wide range of interesting new material.

Issue number 117

Issue no.117, Voar 2021, contains the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Nurse Hay of Scalloway and Tingwall by Kenneth Anderson [member 1147]

The story of Nell (Isabella) Hay who came to Shetland in 1923 to become District Nurse in Scalloway and Tingwall. Nell married a Shetland man, the rest is told in this piece.

John Bourmaster – part 2 by Amanda Laws, Titchfield History Society

The concluding part of the story of a man thought to have been born in Lerwick. Young John was pressed into the Royal Navy. Having to earn promotion through merit he rose to the rank of Admiral and a contemporary described Bourmaster as one of the best men that ever did honour to the navy.

1891, was it Russian flu? by Joan Robertson [member 51]

A parallel drawn between the current pandemic and a flu outbreak in 1891 that may have been the Russian Flu (1889-1990) which killed about 1 million people worldwide, a very high proportion for the period.

Sir Walter Scott in Shetland by Glennis Cooper [member 634]

A detailed account of a trip taken from Leith to inspect the existing lighthouses of the Northern Lighthouse Board, diarised by Scott.

... all this and much more.