Issue number 118

Issue no.118, Simmer 2021 has a wide range of interesting material. The content in this issue includes:

The “Islesburgh Smith” family by Douglas C. Smith [member 15]

A comprehensive account of a Shetland family, who’s first documented appearance can be dated back as early as 1735.

Shetland Community Care in Times Past by Elizabeth Angus [member 3]

Another look at similarities between today’s political discussions regarding care in our community with the availability of support in Lerwick, mainly through the Parochial Board.

A murder in Gateshead by Anne Donnelly [member 2771]

The crime, committed by Mary Toker (née Brown) who’s mother hailed from Budragarth, Unst, is one of sadness mingled with social circumstance of the time, 1935.

The Big Red Barn by Elizabeth Angus [member 3] and Elinor Nicolson [member 2615]

A picture, taken outside the “big red barn” which was built in 1919 by Malcolm Nicolson who emigrated to Saskatchewan in 1905, is the premise for the story of a Shetland family from Aithness on the west side of Shetland.

... all this and much, muchs more.