Issue number 119

Issue no.119, Hairst 2021 has a range of interesting material. The content in this issue includes:

Sinclair Halcrow; South Seas Whaler by J. Laughton Johnston [member 1040]

A well-researched piece on a Shetland seaman, Sinclair Halcrow from Bressay, who became a whaling master, one of a very few who commanded whalers in both hemispheres.

A worthy son of the “Old Rock” by Gordon Johnston [member 2399]

Ex History and Modern Studies teacher, Gordon Johnston’s presents a verbatim piece published in The Shetland Times in January 1919  on Lieutenant Gilbert Halcrow from Cunningsburgh.

Finding my family by Jim Sutherland [member 2853]

A wonderfully detailed account, and at the same time a lesson, in the art of reddin up kin and piecing together details and stores. The author delves into the lives of his great grandparents, Peter Sutherland and Agnes Young.

They wir a’ connected by James Stewart

A remarkable visual “tree” of some very prominent figures, many councillors, from the 19th century society and the links between them, some through marriage, some through family. It paints a picture of something akin to an Indian caste system, a remarkable insight.

... all this and much more.