Issue number 83

Articles in this issue:

Agnes Dalziel. A poignant tale indeed. Written by Pat Nightgale [member no. 1795] this very well researched story tells of a girl born in Aith who then with her family moved to Lerwick by 1854. She ultimately moves to London in search of a better life only to encounter perhaps equal hardship.

Diary of William Sinclair.  Submitted by Pat McCoy [member no. 1816]. The first part of a rich seafaring life of William Sinclair from Liverpool.  A grandson of Lerwick man James Sinclair, born c1780, this diary style piece is full of interesting highlights.

‘Our’ Stouts from Quendale. By Margaret and Tony Evans [member no. 963]. Quendale House is still, despite being derelict, an imposing building in one of Shetland’s most fertile areas. The Stout family were intertwined with the rich history of the Quendale area and all lived within a mile or so of the imposing Laird’s house. A well researched and detailed account.

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