Issue number 86

Articles in this issue:

Our attempt at the Ancestor Trail. Society member Albert Abernethy from Tyneside, recounts a recent visit to his ancestral home in Shetland. Accompanied by a newly found relation from Tiree John Abernethy, located through the society database at the Hillhead in Lerwick, his sister and wife the group of five travel the county to “hit the ancestor trail”.

One Shetlander leads to Another (continued from issue 85). Written by Beatrice Clayre [member no. 1552] this account of Shetlanders emigrating to Canada during the late 1800’s is a wonderful, detailed and somewhat typical account of the time with seafaring playing a large part in their lives. The account includes a group of Hunter brothers, original from Evrabister, Weisdale, Sinclairs from Sandwick and Mansons from Garderhouse.

An Orcadian Stray. Tommy Matches [member no. 2045] recounts the Shetland times of the lives of William and Edith Comolquoy from neighbouring Orkney.

Bretta Astrid Laurenson 1894 – 1945. Written by society Trustee Joan Robertson following a chance meeting in the society premises at Hillhead, Lerwick. This account of reddin up kin is somewhat typical of the great work volunteers from the society carry out.

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