Issue number 91

Articles in this issue:

Issue no.91 has the usual range of contributed articles and includes:

Private James Pearson (Sweening, Vidlin) by Jon Sandison [member no. 2099]

James of the 3rd Company of the Machine Gun Corps, was lost on the 28th March, 1918. The latest in Jon Sandison’s marvellous work in pulling all the World War I records together.

Robert and John Morrison written by Michael R. Sex. [member no. 280]

Michael outlines a tale of previously unknown ancestors born in Sandsting and seeks information on the lost trail of John James Morrison.

A Look Back at the Hungry Forties by Albert Abernethy [member no. 934]

The so-called hungry forties have long been written and researched. This account holds a fascinating series of pieces of information on the depth of hunger, deprivation and misery felt by many Shetlanders during the mid 1800’s, as well as an insight into the laws and the often ruthlessly used powers held by landowners.

... and much more.