Issue number 93

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Issue no.93 has the usual range of contributed articles and includes:

The latest issue of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available. Issue no.93 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Extracts from Brothers in Arms, a Shetland family at war 1914-1918. The Smiths of Uyeasound, Unst by Stuart Edmond [member no. 1512]

The 100th anniversary of the outbreak Great War has certainly raised interested in the real life family tales of those who served, this particular piece of research has reached book form, copies available from Unst Heritage Trust.

From a family of 13 siblings many played a huge part in the Great War and three brothers, Gilbert (Gibbie), Andrew (Addie) and Francis (Francie) all made the ultimate sacrifice in France aged only 32, 30 and 24 respectively.

 Five sisters also played a significant part in the war effort, working in munitions factories.

 A very interesting, heart wrenching read, typical of the sacrifices many in Shetland made.

Finding Robert Christie and writing The Runaway’s Gold by Emilie Christie Burack [member no. 882]

An intriguing tale of a Culswick man who left Shetland, as very many did during the 1800’s, to escape poverty and the oppression of the Lairds and landowners. From Dungannon, west of Belfast, finally to New York where he worked in a carriage shop then blacksmiths, shoeing the horses of the newly established New York City Police Department.

A follow on to this real life tale is a work of fiction, The Runaway’s Gold, based on the life and times of the fictional Roberts brothers who leave Shetland to make good.

Contac details of the author, if anyone has information on this Christie family, are included in the journal.

The Murder of Mitchell Moncrieff, September, 1825 part two by Neil Fraser [member no. 1058]

Continued from issue 92 the second part of a superbly research tale of the murder of eight year old Mitchell Moncrieff of Breans, Garderhouse, Aithsiting by Laurence Fraser, aged 16, also of Breans. As the author says, “an unprecedented crime in Shetland at that time”.

Sharing Shetland surnames, Inkster and Bolt

The latest two in the series of details and notes of Shetland surnames. Includes origin, occurrence in Shetland and notable people.

 ... and much more.