Issue number 94

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Issue no.94 has the usual range of contributed articles and includes:

John Cluness and the Ruhleben Camp by Irene Mouat [member no. 2123]

During the early days of WW1 many merchant seamen found themselves stranded in German ports during the outbreak of war. They were interned; John Cluness was one of over 5,000 British men who spent the entire war in Ruhleben Internee Camp, 6 miles from Berlin.

An interesting short piece on life in a PoW camp.

Thomas Gray and his Debt by Wendy Dyble [member no. 553]

A tale of the circumstances of desperate financial debt, brought to light by the author and invaluable information drawn from Kirk Parish session records.

Thomas Gray, probably born in early 1700’s and lived at Setter or Seater, Mid Walls. A very well researched piece, bringing to the minds-eye the often desperate social issues facing Shetlanders of the time.

Another Shetland Mariner by Dennis Lloyd [member no. 1626]

Born at The Loch, Muckle Roe in 1888 Robert John Williamson’s life path was similar to many Shetland men in that he most likely had to leave Shetland, initially, for a career at sea. John worked out of South Shields, again a common port for many Shetland seafarers, settled there after coming ashore. A must read tale if you have interest in the names, South Shields or the life of a merchant man.

An Accidental Death in Wartime by Linda Riddell [member no. 47]

Full of detail and well researched, the story of an ex Royal Navy Petty Officer, George B.Knight, discharged due to a heart condition and serving with the local Royal Naval Reserve. A Shetland resident who tragically lost his life in a boating accident at Sullom Voe and, sadly, was never included on the county War Memorial or in the Roll of Honour and Roll of Service like most other people who lost their lives or served during the Great War.

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