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Latest issue of Coontin Kin now available

June 26th, 2018

The latest edition of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available and is full of interesting material.

Sharing Shetland Surnames - Robertson

May 31st, 2018

Following on from highly successful projects these past two years the Society has produced another project on the surname Robertson.

Latest issue of Coontin Kin now available October 2nd, 2017

The latest issue of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available. Now in full colour throughout, issue no.104 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Farmers, Bakers and Hotelier Andersons of Tingwall, Scalloway and Reawick by Kenneth Anderson [member no. 1147]

As the author says, “Recent refurbishment and interest in the history of Anderson’s Buildings in Scalloway has prompted me again to look into my family history”.

In tracing a pedigree, not to mention the family history in such detail back perhaps as far as 1648 is a great feat and this article contains much information and interesting Shetland history from such economic ventures as the Berry Farm, Tingwall, bakeries in Scalloway and Vancouver to a summer hotel at Reawick House.

If I Could Live Anywhere Else in the World by Linda Tait [member no. 1191]

An interesting peerie picture of Shetland from a member of the worldwide Shetland Diaspora whose ties are Gifford’s from Kirkabister, Bressay. If you’re a distant relative, Linda can be contacted through the SFHS.

The Henrys of Bayhall, Walls by Frank Robertson [member no. 2435]

Part three is an account of the academic line of this rich family history – teachers and doctors, an extensive account of the descendants of Reverend Thomas Hendrie, born 1585, and his subsequent appointment of Minister for the parishes of Walls, Sandness, Foula and Papa Stour.

The “Shetland Bakery” in Wellington, New Zealand by Robert Gear

Robert’s short article is fascinating, the use of Shetland as a marketing tool on the opposite of the globe.

Situated in Cuba Street I the city the bakery was owned and run by William Hall whose parents were Shetlanders. The author is interested in any further information anyone might have on William, his Shetland wife Christina (nee Williamson, from Nesting) or indeed the bakery.

... all this and much more.

Members get it free as part of membership, however the growing archive can be searched and back copies can be bought here