Issue number 100

Issue no.100 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

This special issue focuses mainly on the history of the Society and some of the trustees.

Memories of the Foundation of the Shetland Family History Society by Alan Beattie and Elizabeth Angus

A very interesting peerie piece detailing beginnings of the Shetland Family History Society.

Meet the Committee SFHS Chairs, the first 25 years

A look at the folk who have served as chairmen of the Society. Week kent names, such as Florence Grains, John Gray, John Roberston, Tommy Goudie and Douglas Sinclair.

The History of 6 Hillhead, Lerwick by Douglas M Sinclair [member no. 188]

If walls could talk. The permanent home of the Society has had a varied and interesting history. Built in 1885 it has had various uses with some of Lerwick’s famous names living or occupying parts of the building for business purposes.

Society news and reports

More information on the Society’s project work, annual report, tips and hints.

Diary of Charles Abernethy, June – September 1916 by Charles Abernethy [member no. 1253]

Continued from Coontin Kin, issue 99. Charles was born in New York in 1889 but his father, Andrew, was born in Clousta and emigrated in the 1870’s. This extensive and detailed war time dairy was only discovered after Charlie passed away.

 ... all this and much more.