Sharing Shetland Surnames

This popular series of events has been running since 2014. One surname is chosen to be studied in depth each time. The celebration takes places over a weekend with an exhibition of memorabilia, photos and family trees. On Saturday night we have an entertainment of music, poetry and talks relating to the surname. The venue chosen is in a parish associated with the surname.

The Shetland Museum often has a tie-in exhibition of artefacts from their store (i.e. not usually on public display) relating to the surname.

Previous surnames celebrated are:

Year Surname
2014 Gifford
2014 Anderson
2014 Inkster
2014 Bolt
2015 Arcus
2015 Mouat
2015 Abernethy
2016 Pearson
2016 Henry
2017 Goudie
2018 Robertson
2019 Arthur/Athurson

The next surname to be celebrated is Hay in June 2023. Further details here.

The Hay Family