More new matrial available!

Great news, even more new research material available online to members, another great reason to support our work by getting yourself a membership, you can do that here.

We now have the 1911 Shetland Census available to view in the Members Area. Behind the scenes this website, including the member’s area, the material there and functionality, is undergoing a revamp. In the fullness of time this census will become fully searchable and easier to use. For now, we are pleased to offer this for your personal research.

Voted a huge success!

Our virtual conference was a great success and over 300 people registered. Our four speakers were made very welcome and the live Q and A afterwards was very interactive indeed.

The presentations will be available to watch on YouTube for a week after the event, a full list of theses videos can be found by clicking here to access our YouTube channel.

The handout of information requested can be viewed on this PDF: Post conference information and contacts

The event was completely free but if anyone would like to help us offest the costs of hosting, a small donation can be made if you wish via the red "Donate" buttons on this website.

Finally for now, this short video gives you a taste of what we do, who and where we are.

We all enjoyed making the video, many thanks to Barnum Smith and Mary Blance for all the help they gave us. Hope you enjoy it!

Susan Cooper

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24 Jun 2023

Hay - Sharing Shetland Surnames

Do you share Hay as a Shetland surname? If so, get your plans started for 2023!

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