Issue number 101

Issue no.101 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Young Lerwick man joins first experimental night-fighter squadron by Graham Caldwell [member no. 2410]

Naturally, the focus on the events of WW1 continues.

A very in-depth service record of William Arthur Herculson (known as Arthur). Starting a military career as a 17 year old in the Gordon Highlanders Territorial he certainly carried out a wide range of tasks during his military life

Mrs Leslie’s Funeral by David Beattie [member no. 1259]

Mrs Leslie was Barbara Leslie of Ustaness. As the author says “The papers about her funeral in 1826 are of social as well as family history interest” and they certainly are.

The names of many of the gentry of Shetland during the period are mentioned but the primary interest is that of the affairs of Mrs Leslie after her passing. They certain lend a view of life during the early 1800’s.

Pearson – Surname of the month

Detail of the recent and successful latest name featured in the Society’s’ now very popular regular feature including the open event, with 42 descendants from USA and Canada, held this summer.

My Shetland Ancestors by Jean Hendry [member no. 1945]

Tracing her roots back before 1610 when Bartle Laurenson of Raga, The Herra, Yell was born. A familiar Shetland family history with a familiar Yell name Williamson featuring heavily.

... all this and much more.