Issue number 102

Issue no.101 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Peter Fraser of Sandsting by Neil Fraser [member no. 1058]

Neil Fraser lays down some very interesting information about the earliest ancestor he has managed to pin down in Shetland. The tales include the not uncommon information of ancestors receiving meal and bread as famine relief during the early 1800’s

Are these Fraser folk related to you?

A Family of Shetland Migrants to Australia by Margaret and Eric Smith [member no. 2461]

A detailed account of a mini exodus of relations of Robert Linklater and his first wife Mary Anderson, 11 separate journeys and 17 migrants between 1850 and the 1890’s, who now have many descendants in Australia.

The Henrys of Bayhall, Walls by Frank Robertson [member no. 2435]

An extensive account of the descendants of Reverend Thomas Hendrie, born 1585, and his subsequent appointment of Minister for the parishes of Walls, Sandness, Foula and Papa Stour.

The family went on to become prominent merchants and estate owners in the west side of Shetland.

Finding Bruce Fraser by Ian Fraser Rees

This tale of a Hamefarin from Wellington, New Zealand by the author to seek out his family roots, particularly that of his mother who was born in Walls in 1923. Chance meetings at Walls Methodist Kirk and the location of 100 year old family photos, an fruitful journey home indeed.

... all this and much more.