Issue number 103

Issue no.103 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

The Henrys of Bayhall, Walls by Frank Robertson [member no. 2435]

Part two of this extensive account of the descendants of Reverend Thomas Hendrie, born 1585, and his subsequent appointment of Minister for the parishes of Walls, Sandness, Foula and Papa Stour.

This second part focusses on the New Zealand line of the family.

Sharing Shetland Surnames, Goudie by Susan Cooper [member no. 450]

A wonderfull account of the latest, extensive research into a Shetland surname including the exhibition and social event at the Cunningsburgh Hall.

Robert Linklater, a Shetlander in Australia by Margaret and Eric Smith [member no. 2461]

The first Shetlander from the author’s family to arrive in Australia was Robert Linklater. There appears to be little information on him but there are many descendants and much information in the article. Information and contact details are included in the article fro those seeking further information.

... all this and much more.