Issue number 105

Issue no.105 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

David Sanderson Scott of Reafirth and his family by Brian Smith, Shetland Archivist

A family that had very close connections with Norway, documented back as the early 1550’s. A very interesting and detailed article.

More than new friends – they’re relations by Albert Abernethy [member no. 934]

Very many Shetlanders, the vast majority being seafarers and families, left Shetland to live in towns on the north east coast of England so it’s great to see a Shetland society thriving. A story of recent events.

Finding the legacy of one of the most successful Shetland emigrants: T. A. Work by Neville and Jean Martin (nee Work)

A man who featured in the wonderful book A Kist of Emigrants, Thomas Albert Work who left Littleness, Spiggie and emigrated to the USA in 1886.

From losing his first job across the pond, delivering milk, because the patrons couldn’t understand his accent to becoming the owner of many banks and land.

A great read and some wonderful images of the authors visiting such landmarks as Littleness Avenue and Lerwick Road.

Cunningsburgh History Group

A growing community in the south of the mainland, Cunningsburgh has a proud history and a very active group preserving and recording. If you have any connection with the district this is a must read.

Sharing Shetland Surnames

Detail of the 2018 project, Robertson. So if you are one or connected in any way, get involved.

Also a few final pieces on the last project, the Goudies.

... all this and much more.