Issue number 113

Issue no.113 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

James Arthursson: born in Shetland, lived in Leith by Don Arthurson [member 2723]

Descendants of Shetlanders from Walls the family moves south to Leith. Fine detail and research into various family leads.

Jessie Umphray b.13/07/1861 Brae, Foula – d.25/03/1904, Edinburgh by David and Sue McRoberts [member no. 1785]

As is often the case we leave asking the questions until we lose someone close. The loss of her mother triggered the author into search her roots, to discover an unknown to her island, Foula. Then to plan a trip there!

“Our” Stouts from Quendale – part 2 by Margaret Evans [member 963]

Quendale and the surrounding area is a fertile and fruitful farming region on the southern tip of mainland Shetland. The author’s ancestors lived in the shadow of Quendale House House for generations. This is a very well researched and detailed account of the Stouts family and local history of the area.

Mowat – what’s in a name – part 2 by Dr Phil Mowat [member 1761]

An in-depth research into the origins of a pretty common name in Shetland. Interesting reading with many options to review for the names origin. We guess you can take your pick from this superbly researched work.

Jemima Williamson of Burra Isle, b.1913 in Whiteness by Chris Ingram and Norma Grice

A wonderful story about Mrs Jemima King (nee Williamson) who, at 106, is the oldest living Shetlander. Born in Whiteness “Aunty Mimi” moved to Burra then, with her family, immigrated to Wellington, New Zealand. A remarkable lady indeed.

... all this and much more.