Issue number 121

Issue no.121, Voar 2022 has the usual range of interesting material. The content in this issue includes:

Ann Cotting Williamson, a Shetlander midwife in Wisconsin by Thomas Brocher [member 2872]

A wonderful piece recounting the emigration of Ann Williamson and her family during the mid 1850’s. The daughter of Arthur, a Delting man, and Lillia Thompson from Weisdale. Ann become a pioneer in the state of Wisconsin. Her family initially settled on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

The Shetland emigrants to Queensland

The reproduction of a letter which appeared in The John O’Groat Journal in 1866 sparks this tale. A poignant letter from Barbara Doull to her parents in 1866 and detailed research into the writer by Denise Brennan [member 3125]

Obituary Andrew Leslie Moncrieff

A very early member of this Society, Born at Greenfield, Cunningsburgh in 1933. This is a fitting tribute to kind and helpful man who gave much to the community and the Society.

A tour of Highgate Cemetery by David Cooper [member 2932]

A very interesting article, as the author says, “a bit like life there is something for everyone”. People with Shetland connections lie among Carl Marx, musicians, and poets. 

... all this and much more.