Drive through Shetland - on YouTube

Published: 23rd May 2020

During a time when travel to Shetland is not possible, and as this piece is published that looks a bit away, you might like to peek at the work of a recent visitor, Mr Ernie Ramaker, a Dutch tourist, who recorded nearly 100 files of drives around our beautiful islands (keep in mind they are a driver’s view with no scenic side glances).

As he says “If I’m going to be driving around in a methodical way, I might as well film it and create something like a (Google) Street View with video footage. It also gave me something to do as a hobby”.

These files are hosted on a YouTube channel and it can be found here.

As the files have no sound, Ernie says “the videos are best enjoyed with your own favourite music playing.”

Enjoy Shetland through the eyes of a recent Dutch tourist!