Issue number 96

Issue no.95 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

The Log Boks of John Williamson, RNR 1915-1919 from a talk given by George W. G. Burgess [member no. 1611]

The latest issue of the society magazine Coontin Kin is now available. Issue no.96 has the usual wide range of very interesting contributed articles and includes:

Great Great Grandfathers at Ruhleben POW Camp in WW1 by Mina Manson [member no. 810]

A visit to an exhibition held by the Walls History Group, a school project at Tingwall Primary School and a photo on display at Walls showing Shetland merchant seamen detained in Hamburg on the outbreak of war and subsequently held in Ruhleban POW Camp for the duration triggers a connection and a remarkable coincidence.

Calling the Armchair Detectives or Hendersons in late 18th Century London by Alan M Beattie [member no. 3]

Two wills from the late 1700’s found in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury for two men, both called Magnus Henderson leads the author to detailed research, curious as to the surname origins.

He concludes that there are three Henderson families involved, one with certain Shetland connections from Midgarth in Unst, in the documents. Ultimately asking the question “Can anyone help find Shetland Connections for the other two or connect them with each other?”

The Story of Mary Ramsay (my Great-great Grandmother) by Audrey Watson [member no. 2234]

A long held ambition to visit Shetland, Unst in particular, helped the author fill in many gaps as well as visiting the sites of family homes as finding out where here middle name, Ramsay, originated. Stickle, Gray, Henry as well as the Ramsay names leap out from the information discovered.

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